Bonnie Lind – Clovis Volunteer of the Year

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How long have you lived (or done business) in Clovis? If you are not a native why did you chose Clovis?

“I moved here from Fresno in 1979 when I got married.  I have lived here most of the years since, and raised my kids here.”

Clovis is full of events year-round. Which is your favorite and why?

“I love the Farmers Market and Antique and Collectible Fairs.  The Farmers Market is one of the best and oldest street markets, with growers selling their own fruit and talking about how they farm. The Antique Fairs and Junk Days are some of the best in the Valley, with a lot of vendors and a wide variety of stuff!

I would love to try going to the Farm to Table event but it sells out quickly!”

You have a friend visiting Clovis. Where is the one place you have to take them for a favorite meal?

“Salsa’s Mexican Food is the best! I would go to Salsa’s if they like Mexican food, DiCicco’s if they prefer Italian, House of Juju for a burger, Two Cities or On The Edge for coffee!”

What does the Clovis Way of Life mean to you?

“The Clovis Way of Life is about a small town values where you can raise a family in a safe neighborhood and have a sense of community and belonging. You can connect to the history of the town by visiting the Clovis Big Dry Creek museum or walking on the Old Town Clovis Trail and visiting the monuments to logging, which used to be one of the main industries of Clovis.”

You were recently named Clovis’ Volunteer of the Year. Why are you so passionate about the Clovis Community that you feel the need to give back? Why did you focus on trails and parks as your way of giving back?

“I focused on the Trails because they are such a valuable resource for being active outside, being in nature in the middle of the city, and for transportation. They are part of the quality of life here. I used the trails a lot to do training for Half Marathons and Cycling events. One section I walked almost daily needed a little extra TLC so I researched how to adopt the section.  The Clovis Community is a great place to live and I wanted this section to reflect that. It’s an honor to care for something so close to the heart of our town, and close to my own heart as a beautiful place to enjoy nature while walking with friends and staying active. It was a surprise and such an honor to be named Clovis Volunteer of the Year, but I’d be caring for this section of trail even without the recognition. It’s great to look down the trail and see such beauty. That’s the payoff.”